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Teresa was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Making elaborate onesies, dresses, and women’s accessories have kept her busy and in good spirits.

With no family history of cancer, Leticia thought heavy bleeding and abdominal pain were of no great concern.

With a little luck and endless faith, Maria Mayrena will soon be cancer-free and help people in the community.

Maria Rosa never missed her annual mammogram until the coronavirus pandemic. Being cautious, she skipped her yearly check-up.

Early last year, Rosaura was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her neck. Further diagnostic studies would reveal she also had breast cancer.

Concepción developed a cancerous tumor in her throat over the last three years. Her life was no longer routine after her cancer diagnosis.

Easily fatigued and in constant pain, Ricardo visited his doctor. In May of last year, he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

The Christmas holiday was not joyous for José. There was a sudden loss in the family, and the discomfort from painful hemorrhoids was only getting worse. He never imagined the symptoms were due to colon cancer.