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When Silvia was told she needed radiation, she worried about the cost of treatment. She had not been able to sell clothes and shoes at the local flea markets like she used to since her diagnosis.

With a positive attitude and full of energy, Bernabe is ready for the fight against colon cancer. Financial assistance from the Renaissance Cancer Foundation helped cover the costs of radiation treatment.

No longer able to eat comfortably, he decided it was time to seek medical treatment. It was not long after his visit with the doctor that he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his throat.

Unemployed due to her illness, Perla did not have medical insurance to cover for radiation treatment. By now, medical expenses had taken a toll on her family.

Radiation therapy is next to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurring after surgery. However, Sandra faced a new obstacle: her medical coverage had terminated.

Twelve years ago, Sanjuana overcame breast cancer. This time, not only is she fighting breast cancer, but colon cancer as well.

“I want to live for my daughters,” shares a tearful Maria. “They need me more than ever.”

Unexpectedly, pathology results from a routine screening colonoscopy indicated that Javier was positive for rectal cancer.