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Tumbler Fundraiser Sale!

“When you are diagnosed with a terrible disease like cancer, bills should be the last thing anyone thinks about,” says Nelly Treviño with tears in her eyes. Nelly is all too familiar with cancer. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer at age 31.

Luckily, Nelly has been cancer-free for many years now. However, she knows not everyone shares her fate – like two very important women in her life. Her best friend and her aunt battled with this disease, as well.

Nelly can empathize with cancer patients, “It is an overwhelming disease and your thoughts are always racing,” shares Nelly. “Worrying about how to pay or having to decide if you can afford treatment or not is heartbreaking.”

So when she was approached with an idea by DHR Health staff member Ines Duberney (physical therapist at the Rehabilitation Hospital) to organize a fundraiser for our Renaissance Cancer Foundation, she immediately said yes. For two years, Nelly has been a small business owner. At DNA Design Studio, she designs customized items like tumblers, t-shirts, ornaments, and more.

Her daughter, Nelly Pacheco, is her biggest cheerleader and a helping hand at the studio. “I am excited to do this with my mother, because we know how much the Foundation helps uninsured cancer patients,” says Nelly Pacheco. “I am very blessed to have my mother in my life.”

In collaboration with the Renaissance Cancer Foundation, DNA Design Studio created a one-of-a-kind, color changing tumbler. The different shades of purple represent all types of cancer, and its survivors. All tumblers include a straw and are individually packaged in a box with a bow.

The Purple Ribbon Tumbler Fundraiser is already open for pre-orders until Friday, April 2 at 5 PM. To order, please contact Evelyn Saenz at (956) 362-2191 or email ev******@dh*****.com

We thank the ladies of DNA Design Studio for their compassion and their proactive approach towards helping our patients. Fifty percent of the proceeds will benefit the Renaissance Cancer Foundation!


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