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Breast Cancer Survivor Raises $1,000 for Cancer Patients

Erika Galan was receiving chemotherapy infusion to treat her breast cancer at the DHR Health Advanced Care Center last year when an older, vivacious woman started a conversation with her. The woman was a fellow cancer patient; her curiosity sparked by Erika’s young age. Although Erika cannot remember her name, she was touched by her story and her heartfelt appreciation for the financial support she was provided by the Renaissance Cancer Foundation.

An employee at DHR Health since 2011, Erika was familiar with our mission at the Renaissance Cancer Foundation. She would often volunteer at events, and participate in fundraising and awareness activities. Having lost her dear grandfather Salvador to lung cancer in 2013, Erika felt a special connection to our patients. “I would see my grandfather in their eyes,” says Erika.

Her battle with breast cancer provided new insight, and a desire to help patients like the lovely lady she met in chemotherapy. “Cancer is a very ugly disease to have and that is already stressful enough,” shares Erika. “No patient should worry about whether or not they can afford treatment that can save their life.”

Soon after, the fundraising activities began. From t-shirt sales to raffles, Erika set herself a goal to raise one thousand dollars. Local fashion boutique Mírame also helped with a fundraiser. In the end, Erika was a few dollars short, but she gladly donated the rest. “I am very blessed to work for a hospital like DHR Health that provided me with the resources to treat my cancer, but I know many are not as lucky,” says Erika. “I needed to give back to my community here in the Rio Grande Valley.”
On February 1, Erika was declared cancer-free. Just four days later, her father received the terrible news of his colon cancer diagnosis. The motto “no one fights alone” resonates louder now with her family as they embark a new journey with her father Sebastian – TOGETHER. With this donation, Erika sends a message to patients in the fight to beat cancer: “I know your fight. You are not alone!”
We thank Erika Galan for her generosity and compassion, and admire her strength and perseverance. If you would like to make a donation, please CLICK HERE. To organize a fundraiser, please contact Evelyn Sáenz at (956) 362-2191.
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