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Tumbler Fundraiser A Success!

Tens of hours of hard work and an unmatched attention to detail made the Purple Ribbon Tumbler Fundraiser by DNA Design Studio a tremendous success!

Nelly Trevino and her daughter Nelly Pacheco cannot tell you exactly how many hours they spent customizing each tumbler. “One weekend, we worked overnight until 7 am the next morning,” says Nelly P.

A small business like DNA Design Studio has had its share of busy times fulfilling orders for customers in the past… But nothing quite like the fundraiser they organized for the Renaissance Cancer Foundation.

As is their practice with every order, each tumbler was individually created and packaged by the mother and daughter duo. Each box was assembled like a gift including confetti, a thank you card, and a bow. There was even a subtle rose fragrance in the boxes, too.

DHR Health staff responded to the fundraiser and once again humbled us with their unwavering support for our patients. Staff (and patients alike!) purchased a total of 250 tumblers. It was the first fundraiser of its kind at DHR Health and for the Renaissance Cancer Foundation, and it raised more than $2,700 for our uninsured cancer patients!

Thank you, DNA Design Studio, for your kindness and commitment to helping local cancer patients in need. Please check out DNA Design Studio on Facebook and Instagram for a showcase of their customized gifts and creativity!

To help our patients, please consider MAKING A DONATION to the Renaissance Cancer Foundation. If you would like to organize a fundraiser, please CONTACT US.



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