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Annual “Por Su Vida” Event Celebrates Breast Cancer Survivors

In recognition of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the DHR Health Advanced Care Center as well the DHR Health Plastic and Reconstructive Institute partnered with “La Salud Del Valle” to host “Por Su Vida”: a breast cancer survivor’s celebration. For the past 11 years, “Por Su Vida” has provided vital breast cancer education from physicians to the community.

This year, speakers included Dr. Carlos Garcia Cantu, Dr. Mauricio de la Garza, as well as Dr. Armando Moncada. Patient Heidy Garcia shared her testimony and fifteen survivors walked the runway after receiving a makeup and fashion makeover provided by Dillard’s.

Cancer survivors also awarded their caregiver — that person that has offered them unconditional support and compassion throughout their journey.

If you would like to organize a fundraiser for the Renaissance Cancer Foundation, CONTACT US. You can also make a donation HERE.

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