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Meet Martha

Address: 123, Main Street, Paris, France

Meet Martha

Martha was diagnosed with breast cancer in April after discovering a large lump in her right breast. With her young daughters in mind, ages 14 and 10, she was determined not to let the disease win. Now, Martha has finished her chemotherapy and awaits a cancer free diagnosis following surgery. ⠀

“I know it’s bothersome [to get a mammogram], but it can save your life. As far as I’m aware, breast cancer is very treatable [in the early stages], so catching it early is important – even if it’s a nuisance. ⠀

All of the people at DHR are extremely knowledgeable. Every single one of my nurses is very nice and knows what they’re doing. Pamela walked me through the whole thing. She was the first angel I bumped into on my road to healing… the whole experience has been seamless.

The Renaissance Cancer Foundation gave me a donation to pay for my chemotherapy. I’m extremely grateful – I wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise.”

To help patients like Martha, please consider MAKING A DONATION to the Renaissance Cancer Foundation. Don’t forget to visit our CALENDAR OF EVENTS for upcoming opportunities to become involved in our mission to help underserved cancer patients in the Rio Grande Valley.

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