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It was July 2017 when Raul was officially diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He had just experienced new, unfamiliar symptoms a few weeks prior to diagnosis. At first he thought it was nothing serious – until the bleeding started.

Fortunately, Raul did not wait long to visit the doctor. Raul has a family history of cancer. His two older sisters lost their battle to breast cancer. And his younger sister was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer, too. He knew to take precautions and act fast.

A colonoscopy revealed a cancerous tumor. 

“I had no money to pay for my upcoming medical appointments, so I applied for the Renaissance Cancer Foundation. My application was immediately approved, and was able to pay for my visits with the oncologist.”

Soon, Raul began simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation treatments for 30 days. The surgical removal of the tumor was a five hour process. 

Raul felt the support from everybody: family, friends, and fellow patients. “All of us [patients] would talk while we received our treatments. We’d share our stories, our problems, our fears – but mostly, we lifted each other’s spirits,” said Raul. “I am so grateful to the staff at the DHR Health Advanced Care Center. All the nurses, social workers, doctors… Everyone was so kind and caring,” he added.

The Renaissance Cancer Foundation holds a special place in Raul’s heart, too.

“I am very happy with all the programs available to patients, especially the Cancer Support Group,” says Raul with a smile. “The Renaissance Cancer Foundation has become a safe haven for me — a place to meet fellow survivors and offer support to those starting their journey. I am honored to be part of the Renaissance Cancer Foundation family. I will do anything to give back to the organization that helped me so much. And I encourage the community to join me.”

Currently, Raul has been off treatment since November 2018. His blood work and radiology results are promising. He exercises every day and has become the Renaissance Cancer Foundation’s biggest advocate.

To help patients like Raul, please consider MAKING A DONATION to the Renaissance Cancer Foundation. Don’t forget to visit our CALENDAR OF EVENTS for upcoming opportunities to become involved in our mission to help underserved cancer patients in the Rio Grande Valley.

Founded in 2008, the Renaissance Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to provide financial assistance, advocacy, and guidance to underserved cancer patients of the Rio Grande Valley.

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